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The R & V Long Beach Garden Venue Package is for couples who want a heartfelt wedding ceremony at a venue of their choosing.



Free Consultation. Rick to meet with both members of the couple by Zoom for an initial
consultation. This initial meet up will be about 30-45 minutes which helps us get to know one
another and give both of us a sense if ValRick Wedding is a good fit for each of us.


First Consultation. We will meet in person to start the planning of your wedding ceremony. This
meeting will be for one hour.


Communication. Unlimited communication throughout the entire process of planning and
executing your wedding.


Ceremony Script. We collaborate on this together to create a one-of-a-kind event and
experience for your wedding day. You will be able to customize as you wish. This is your


Wedding Ceremony Book. You get a free copy of Dayna Reid’s book to help us choose or write
your vows that are meaningful and unique to who you are as a couple. You will also receive
other documentation that will help us create your special wedding ceremony.
Second Consultation. We will meet in person to continue the planning of your wedding
ceremony. This meeting will be for one hour.


Final Consultation. We meet one more time to plan all the logistics of the ceremony. This is
where we get into all the tiny details from ways to include those you wish to be actively involved
in your wedding, when and from where everyone will process and eventually, where everyone
will be seated, etc. You ultimately decide how your ceremony will unfold. From this meeting we
create a comprehensive ceremony timeline.


Wedding Rehearsal Required. We make sure that everything we discussed at the pre-wedding
meeting comes to life effortlessly and seamlessly.


Keepsake Wedding Certificate. We provide a keepsake wedding certificate to commemorate
this day of your wedding covenant signed by you and your witnesses.
File Marriage License. In accordance with state laws, we file the marriage license on your behalf.
Marriage License Consultation. We give you expert guidance on obtaining the marriage

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